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Spinal Ligament Injury Is The Number One Cause Of Pain, Disability & Expense In The Healthcare Market Today.

Spinal Ligament injury is well documented to be one the most common injuries in a whiplash trauma following a motor vehicle collision. When spinal ligaments are over-stretched or torn due to vehicular collision trauma, there will always be some degree of permanent injury, because healing takes place with scar tissue that is not as functional as healthy non-injured tissue. The problem is most chiropractors and medical doctors including emergency room doctors are not looking for this type of underlying injury.

Computerized Assisted Radiological Mensuration

Computerized Assisted Radiological Mensuration

Ligament sub-failure is like pulling on a plastic straw until it stretches a little bit, but does not tear all the way through. We all know the straw will never return to its original amount of elasticity and strength.

The increase of whiplash spinal ligament injuries has been caused, in part, by the strengthening of motor vehicle bumper systems intended to minimize or avoid property damage to the vehicles involved in a wreck. However, in reality, these stronger bumper systems cause an instantaneous transfer of crash energy trauma to the occupants, which causes the mechanism of injury in low speed and higher speed collisions. The NHTSA bumper regulations were intended to protect vehicles, not the people inside.

Injury To Spinal Ligaments Are Always Permanent, Painful, And Progressive.

Ligaments are a specialized soft tissue that hold your spinal vertebrae together while permitting normal movement. Injured spinal ligaments allow irregular movement causing spinal instability. The joints of your spinal column that are affected with this irregular movement cause galloping spinal degeneration which leads to chronic pain and the need for future chiropractic and/or medical management over the injury victim’s lifetime.

Our Chiropractic Physicians are specifically seeking to find and diagnose these underlying spinal ligament injuries through specialized X-rays and computerized mensuration. This medically accepted mensuration is called Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (CRMA). CRMA is considered the gold standard for providing objective proof, as per the 6th edition of AMA guide to Permanent Injuries.

Our Car Accident Injury Doctors and Lawyers Are Aware Of The Devastation That Spinal Ligament Injury Brings Into Your Life And Well Being

We have studied the medical science and legal ramifications concerning the different types of spinal ligamentous injuries and we use this science as legal objective proof of the degree of damage. At Collision Injury Chiropractic, our chiropractic physicians are up to date with the scientific cause and nature of ligamentous injuries. Not only do we educate you, the accident victim, about your injuries, we protect you legally, as well with specific third party measurements that prove you have ligament damage if is truly present.

Our goal is to educate our accident injury victims to understand the absolute serious nature of these spinal ligament injuries and to encourage you to seek appropriate examination and treatment following an automobile crash as soon as possible. It is imperative to take advantage of the initial window of opportunity for healing. Otherwise, scar tissue starts to form. This scar tissue is weaker and less flexible than normal tissue which can lead to further pain and injury in the future. By seeking treatment as soon as possible, the goal is to help you develop a more functional type of healing tissue repair, and thereby minimize the degree of permanency from your crash injuries. Reestablishing normal spinal motion through proper treatment, specifically spinal manipulative therapy, is critical to the repair of damaged ligaments and other soft connective tissues.

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