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Neck pain is obviously the most predominant symptom recognized after a phoenix auto injury and after watching the video below its easy to see why.

Whiplash also known as Cervical Acceleration Deceleration Syndrome (CADS) can be described in four phases.

Phase 1 Whiplash Neck Injury

 In Phase 1 the seat impacts the torso then the head raises vertically causing an abnormal s-curve to develop in the cervical spine.

Phase 2 Hyper-extension Injury

 In phase two the neck hyper extends (Backwards) and as the head strikes the seat/headrest which causes injury to the tissues at the front of the neck.

Phase 3 Forward Movement of the Whiplash Victims body

Phase three occurs when the passenger moves forward actually rebounding from the seat followed by forward acceleration of the head.

Phase 4 Hyperflexion Injury

In the final phase the seat belt restrains the whiplash victims torso, the whiplash victim’s head however continues forward forcing the neck into hyper-flexion which injures the tissues at the back of the neck and is widely considered the most damaging phase

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Your spine is disposed to sprain and strain stressors from the shear forces that are created when your head and body abruptly go in different directions. This shearing action more often than not stretch or tear the ligaments and even the discs of your spine. This is called Spinal Ligament injury. These shearing forces cause pain, swelling and eventually scar tissue. It is essential to receive early treatment to prevent chronic pain, and to decrease the high risk of creating chronic pain and symptoms in individuals who delay their whiplash treatment.

Scientific research has determined that 1 out of 5 individuals can have neck pain problems as long as 10 years after the collision. It just makes sense to take care of your injuries the right way and immediately.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a wreck, chiropractic care with the experienced chiropractors of Collision Injury Chiropractic who are well versed in the skill sets to be able to help accident injury victims. Current scientific literature shows that chiropractic car injury treatment protocols not only can help improve neck range of motion but also prevent scar tissue from forming after an injury, as well as help prevent the process of chronic pain.

If you have been in a car crash and have signs of neck pain, Phoenix Car Injury chiropractors are here to help. We will determine any underlying cause of your pain and prescribe a customized treatment plan to restoring your health.

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